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Goddess at a Glance

A profile on the Hindu Goddess of Good Fortune

Divine Names

Lakshmi, a.k.a. Laxmi; MahaLakshmi; Sri; Shri; Kamala, Lila. Also known as heroines Sita and Radha.


Telltale Attributes    

Four arms. Two rear arms hold lotus petals; two front arms pour gold coins from the palm and/or from a golden vase or offer a blessing. Dark hair, big dark eyes. Often seen in a pink, red, or green sari with many jewels and a bejeweled golden headpiece. She wears lipstick and is shapely, with the hips of a real woman.


How She's Pictured   

Usually seen standing or sitting on a pink lotus flower, often rising from the sea with elephants at her side, in the water. When pictured with her consort, she is sometimes soaring through the air on a huge bird-Demi God called Garuda or sailing on the sea on a sacred serpent.


Official Titles   

Goddess of Fortune
Goddess of Good Fortune
Goddess of Wealth and Abundance Prosperity Goddess
Goddess of Beauty
Mother of the Universe


To bring good fortune, wealth, prosperity, love, and beauty in all its forms to those who honor her; to chase away negativity and bad luck. To help her people meet all their financial needs; to help them prosper; to bring both material and spiritual wealth and all forms of prosperity through righteous means.



Vishnu. He is her one and only, true soul mate and she accompanies him in each incarnation, including as Sita, wife of Rama; and Radha, the great love consort of Krishna.



Kama or Kamadeva, God of Love, is sometimes associated with her. It is said that Lakshmi and Vishnu may have had offspring during different incarnations on Earth.


Hindu Deities Who Are Close Associates

Lakshmi is connected to a large pantheon of sister goddesses, as well as specific gods.


Lord Ganesha, remover of obstacles and supporter of business success
Kubera, Lord of Wealth
Saraswati, Goddess of wisdom, literature, the arts and the alphabet
Kali, the Great Black Mother, Goddess of Truth, slayer of ignorance
Durga, considered the Goddess from whom all Goddesses sprang
Parvarti, Goddess of Love and Fertility
Kamala, one of the ten wisdom goddesses known as Mahavidya, is a Goddess of the Lotus considered to be a version Lakshmi in her tantric form

Holy Trinities Known as Trimurti and Tridevi

Lakshmi is part of the Hindu triad of gods and their consorts who are responsible for important aspects of creating and maintaining the universe.


·         Brahma, the creator, and his partner, Saraswati

·         Vishnu, the preserver, and Lakshmi, of course

·         Shiva, the destroyer, and his consort, Parvati


Other Divine Friends  

She is mythologically associated with the Roman Goddess Venus, and the Greek Goddess Aphrodite, both Goddesses of Beauty and Love who were born of the sea.



Between three and five thousand years young.



Things that sparkle and shine, such as silver and gold coins, jewelry; glowing lights, oil lamps and candles lit in her honor. Fragrant flowers and flower petals, especially Lotus. Kumkum.


Favorite Place   

The ocean, rivers, sacred bodies of water or fresh bodies of water, temples, altars, near or on the door of home or office, alongside cash registers and on financial records and account books, the southeast corner of any environment.


Favorite Activities   

Bathing in sacred waters; being showered with amrita by her sacred elephants; listening to her praise in chant and song; being remembered and honored by admirers; hanging out with Vishnu from one millennium to the next.    


Favorite Colors  

·         Red is the color most often associated with her in religious texts

·         Deep pink is often the color of the lotus she sits on and sometimes of the sari she wears

·         Light pink lotuses are often seen in her hands

·         Purple is another color she likes

·         Yellow is a color that evokes her positive energy and gifts of nature

·         White represents her purity

·         She if often seen in a sari of green which often symbolizes nature's bounty and abundance

·         She is always wearing a crown of gold

·         Gold is seen in the form of coins pouring from her hand

·         Gold also threads through the edges and hems of her saris


Favorite Food   

Milk, yogurt, honey, rice, specially prepared sweetmeats.


Favorite Fruits   

Bananas, apples, pomegranates, grapes, oranges.      


Favorite Spices   

Basil, cloves, cardamom, saffron, vermilion, turmeric, mustard seeds, coriander seeds, sago, barley.


Favorite sounds    

The ocean, running waterfalls and fountains, uplifting music, devotional chanting, silence.


Favorite Scents   

Flowers, especially lotus, roses, and carnations. Incense, especially Lotus, Jasmine or Nag Champa.  Ritual sweetmeats, foods, fruits, spices. Sea air.


Favorite Planets  

Venus is the planet she is affiliated with astrologically. There are two spots on planet Venus that are named after Goddess Lakshmi.


Favored Times   

·         Navaratri (October or November)

·         Diwali (November new moon)

·         At the start of a new venture

·         On the new moon

·         Thursdays is the day women worship her with the Lakshmi Vrat

·         Friday is the day of Venus and Lakshmi worship


Favorite Gifts

If you visit her in a temple, bring a gallon of milk, flowers, a coconut or sweets. She also loves sparkly jewelry and beautiful clean saris.