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8. Meditate with the Goddess

Connect with Lakshmi in Meditation


Meditation is the process of bringing yourself into the present moment. It can help you feel calmer as well as aid in having a clearer mind. It can also assist you to communicate directly with Lakshmi. The more you make a conscious effort to connect with Lakshmi, the closer you will become to establishing a direct channel to the goddess. Eventually, she will visit more frequently, and you may begin to find that she is the small, still voice within and that she is there to guide you with love and support. You have to clear the chatter in your mind to be able to hear her. Once you have that connection, it will be as if she is always there and sitting in the room with you.


Meditation is not for everyone, but there are many different meditative approaches to choose from so you may find something that feels right. You can call upon traditional techniques. You can blend Lakshmi mediations into your current practice. Explore and see which one works best for you. If you find something that helps you create the desired divine connection, try to commit to using this approach consistently, as part of your ongoing spiritual practice with Lakshmi. Here are some ideas:


Lakshmi gratitude contemplation: Sit by the Lakshmi altar, gaze at her icon, and think of the many ways Lakshmi has already blessed your life. Let gratitude and appreciation be your primary intention. Offer gratitude contemplation to Lakshmi at the start of the day, end of the day, or anytime you feel called to connect. When you begin this process, as you think of positive things, you may find negative thoughts arising first. Let them arise. But keep in mind that you do not have to believe every thought that comes to your mind. Humans can have forty to fifty thousand a day. Begin to counteract negative thoughts with gratitude. Meditate on all that you are thankful for as much as possible.


Lakshmi guided journey: Sometimes, it helps to hear a voice leading you through an experience. It is easy to find meditations that can be downloaded from the Internet, as well as finding teachers who offer them live. Search for a meditation that fits with your journey with Lakshmi.


Lakshmi meditative chants: There are many Lakshmi chants that can be used to connect with the goddess. Many people find that repetitions of 108 truly put them in the Lakshmi zone. You can find the chant that is right for you and easiest to say. Listen to an audio or video of the chant being spoken to get the pronunciation if you want to chant in Sanskrit. Practice chanting daily with help from existing Sanskrit chants by experts. You may also find it easier to chant in English until you feel more familiar with the pronunciation of the chant. For example, try this mantra: Om Hreem Shreem Lakshmi Bhyo Namaha.

Translation: Goddess Lakshmi, reside in me and bless me with your abundance in all spheres of my life.


Lakshmi mindfulness meditation: You don't have to sit in silence to practice Lakshmi mindfulness. You can be anywhere, sitting or standing, or even do a walking meditation. You can do it in the shower, too. Reflect on Lakshmi's presence in your life. And try to sense her energy in everyday tasks. Instead of focusing on your to-do list for the day, focus on the feeling of the water on your skin, the sensation of washing your hair, and the smell of your shampoo. Imagine Lakshmi's emergence from the sea and all the ways in which she is honored with water. Think about the tributes to her as a sweet-smelling goddess. Have a holy experience in your shower. You can also practice Lakshmi mindfulness with cooking and eating. Lakshmi began as a vegetation goddess, and she continues as a goddess of abundant nourishment. Be mindful as you prepare food and do it as a devotion to Lakshmi. Bless your food with a prayer to Lakshmi before eating. The idea is to pay attention to the task in front of you and do everything mindfully. Make sure you turn off distractions like phones and TV.

Lakshmi mini meditation: This can be used to make a quick connection with the goddess and is especially helpful in times of stress or anxiety. Concentrate on your breath and the rise and fall of your chest. On the inhales, you think "I am," and on the exhales, you think "connected to Lakshmi." And repeat: "I am … connected to Lakshmi." This can be done anytime, anywhere. You can close your eyes or keep them open. Either way, it's something you can do multiple times in a day.


Lakshmi musical meditation: Religious music in Lakshmi's tradition tends to be celebratory and a bit loud but can also put you in a meditative state as your body begins to move, and you feel compelled to dance. Lakshmi Aarti is purely celebratory and fun and listening to a recording of this music can offer a lively experience.


Lakshmi rebalancing meditation: With so many pressures and tasks in daily life and challenges in the world, there comes a time when people simply are out of balance and drained. Their batteries have worn down and need to be recharged. Their cup is empty and must be refilled. Lakshmi, in all the glory, is a mother goddess who embraces and heals devotees. In those times when you cannot really meditate or offer worship, or if you are sick and emotionally depleted, you can just lie back and ask her to rebalance you. Sit in front of your Lakshmi altar and gaze at her image and ask her to please share her healing energy. Even if you don't have an altar or icon, just sit in a comfortable place and imagine she is standing behind you with her palms above your head, radiating pure love into your being. Then imagine her placing her hands on your shoulders and giving you direct darshan (holy blessing). Open to receive her blessings and feel yourself coming back to your center. Then rest. Repeat as needed.


Lakshmi receiving meditation: There is a time between waking in the morning and before getting out of bed when divine messages may seem clearer. This requires some practice, to lie still and stay in bed to listen to the still, small voice of Lakshmi within. You can also use this liminal space to dream of things that matter, such as a new job, project, money, or a mate. You can also see if you get guidance on steps you can take to make some of your dreams come true in real time. If you wake up with an alarm or tend to fling yourself out of bed in the morning, it may be hard to practice this. Consider trying it on days when you may have more time to sleep and when you do not have to awaken abruptly to get the day started.


Lakshmi sacred geometry meditation: Print out or purchase an image that represents the sacred geometry of Lakshmi and use it as a tool for meditation with her. The Shri Yantra is a mystical diagram that is a central part of the tantric tradition of Sri Vidya, which is devoted to Devi in numerous forms, including Lalita, Bhuvaneshvari, and Maha Lakshmi. This diagram is often seen in images of the eight forms of Lakshmi as it enables a connection to her. It is a multifaceted, complex image that can be found in drawings, engraved in copper, and in three-dimensional forms. Find a version of this that feels right for you and take some quiet time to focus on it, allowing your consciousness to sink in deeply. Many people believe Lakshmi lives inside this yantra. Her other symbols include the Shrivatsa (the form of Lakshmi that Vishnu wears on his chest) and the eight-pointed star of Lakshmi. In the star, two interlocking squares are joined together, and it is said to represent the eight aspects of Lakshmi.


Lakshmi soothing meditation: If what you need is a way to get into a quiet, peaceful state with Lakshmi, find a piece of soothing music that reminds you of her or represents her in some way. Maybe it is the sound of the ocean, a waterfall, or traditional Indian soft instrumental music. Find a piece of music that is like a meditation to you. It can be one that brings you through an emotional journey, and it can also be straight-up empowering and fun. Meditative music can help you relax and connect to Lakshmi.


Lakshmi silent relaxation meditation: If you are able to sit for ten or twenty minutes each day, relaxing with Lakshmi can help you view life through spiritual eyes. Stress and tension shut down when you are receiving spiritual insight. Taking time to connect consciously with Lakshmi can bring great waves of wisdom and guidance. Silent meditation is a way to attune yourself to an inspiring, nourishing higher frequency and to give your nervous system a time-out to recover. It is a way to open to her divine messages and insights.


·         Sit where you are most comfortable and close your eyes.

·         Take a deep breath through your nose and let it flow through your diaphragm.

·         Feel your chest and stomach rising. Then let it out fully.

·         It is fine to also release it with a sigh.

·         Imagine you are breathing out unwanted energy and breathing in Lakshmi.

·         Repeat this four or five times and let the sense of calm come in.

·         Imagine Lakshmi's purity and energy coming into you with each breath.

·         Sit with her in silence and see if you receive a message.

·         Keep a pen and paper handy to write it down.


Lakshmi theme song meditation: When you are not familiar with traditional Sanskrit chants or are not comfortable with meditation, sometimes it is helpful to have a song that represents Lakshmi in your native language. It can be any song that is empowering, inspiring, and makes you feel the energy of Lakshmi. It could be a spiritual song, a classic, or something from pop culture. It is a great way to create an immediate and familiar meditative experience. Every morning, and as needed, you can play the song as a way to immediately invoke the goddess to be with you.


All of these options offer a way to call out to Lakshmi and invite her into your life.