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3. Create a Daily Spiritual Practice

Establish a Daily Spiritual Practice with Lakshmi


Creating a consistent spiritual foundation with Lakshmi is important to help you stay connected to her. This can take many forms and be expressed in many ways. As you have read in these pages, there are a myriad of different ways you can include Lakshmi in your life. Think of some of your favorite parts of honoring Lakshmi and consider blending them together into a regular daily ritual. In Hindu homes, it is not unusual for the women to do home puja in the mornings. You can do your own version of honoring Lakshmi.


Using some of the suggestions in this exhibit, learn as much as you can about this goddess, explore her worship and rituals, and formulate a daily spiritual practice to honor her and connect with her energies.


Spiritual reality check: To design your daily practice, first give some thought to your current daily spiritual practices and your overall level of spiritual experience. If this is a new concept for you, it will take a bit of experimenting to find your best approach. If you have an existing spiritual practice, you may want to blend Lakshmi devotions into your daily routine.


Looking at options: Consider which aspects of honoring Lakshmi call to you the most. Do your own research, as well, to get a fuller understanding. Learn more about her by reading, watching videos of Lakshmi worship, and listening to some of the chants and mantras available online.


What would bring you joy?: Get a sense of what would be a most joyous way to establish a daily connection to Lakshmi. It could be that you choose to attend traditional worship services on Lakshmi holidays, or on Fridays, as part of your commitment to honor her but that your daily practice is a little more personal and private.


Here are some aspects to consider in creating a way to commune with Lakshmi daily. Experiment with what feels right to you. It can be five minutes a day or thirty minutes or more. Some days you may spend more time with her than others, and that is totally fine. The intention is to keep the daily connection so that you can continue to deepen your awareness of Lakshmi and develop your direct relationship with the goddess.


·         Wake up earlier than everyone else in your home to do morning spiritual practices.

·         Visit your Lakshmi altar or shrine.

·         Sit in a special sacred spot in your home.

·         Light a candle to bring Lakshmi's light to your day.

·         Say a prayer to Lakshmi to join you (this can change depending on the season or need of the moment).

·         Sit and watch the glow of the flame and allow yourself to quietly awaken to the day.

·         Let ideas and insights come to you, and maybe write some of them down.

·         Do a specific Lakshmi meditation, chant, or prayer that you enjoy.

·         Partake in physical movement, dance, yoga, or stretching. 

·         Sing, tone, chant, or om.

·         Honor Lakshmi with a cultural ritual.

·         Watch a video ritual of a Lakshmi worship service.

·         Chant or write her 108 names.

·         Pray to her with a mala rosary.

·         Write a gratitude list to thank her for all that is good.

·         Read a Hindu scripture, prayer, or story about her.

·         Visit her live or online in a virtual temple.

·         Dedicate the day to her and consider all your work as an offering to Lakshmi.

·         Go outside and connect with her in nature.

·         Call her name: Lakshmi, please come to my abode.