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4. Bring Her Image or Statue

Bring Lakshmi into Your Home


Worshipping the Divine in the form of images and statues is a long-held Hindu tradition that allows devotees to have a physical manifestation of gods and goddesses to focus on. Some of the holiest icons and murtis that are worshipped year after year are believed to hold the sacred energy of the deity. While you may not be able to conduct traditional worship of Lakshmi's idol on your own, there are many ways to invite Lakshmi into your abode through images, icons, carvings, and different objects in which the spirit of Lakshmi comes alive.


There are endless options for purchasing Lakshmi's holy images in India, and fortunately, many vendors sell these online or have American-based stores. In addition, Lakshmi is such a popular goddess that many American-based companies also manufacture statues and images. There are also many practitioners who create devotional products. Because there are so many options, you can find both grand and small versions of Lakshmi. There are also vintage and modern renditions and everything in between.


Here is just a sample of what you can search for to invite her to your home in physical forms:


·         Traditional brass statues

·         Brass statues with paint or stone inlay

·         Copper, silver, and gold icons

·         Colorful and brightly painted statues

·         Carved stone statues

·         Carved marble statues

·         Ceramic statues and shrines

·         Carved wooden statues

·         Carved wall hangings

·         Wood marquetry artistic rendering

·         Sandstone temple carving and wall hangings

·         White plaster statues

·         Resin-based statues

·         Varalakshmi colorful face mask

·         Traditional devotional images

·         Vintage devotional images

·         Modern devotional images

·         Devotional images on scrolls

·         Miniatures – Small paintings

·         Canvas paintings of all sizes

·         Small copper statuettes

·         Small crystal or gemstone statuettes

·         Small mother-of-pearl statuettes

·         Portable meditation statuettes

·         Devotional tapestries, some with sequins

·         Large devotional posters

·         Large devotional statues


In addition to the many different kinds of devotional icons and images meant to bring Lakshmi's blessings to your home, there are also devotional items that represent her. These include:


·         Puja plates with her image

·         Sacred Deepas (also called Diyas) with her image

·         Brass plates with small icons attached

·         Urli bowl with Lakshmi image (to fill with water and flowers)

·         Jewelry boxes with her image engraved

·         Jewelry with her image

·         Amulets with her image

·         Coins with her image

·         Clocks with her image

·         Modern devotional candles with her image

·         Modern candle holders

·         Lakshmi water fountains


In addition to devotional icons, art, and items of Lakshmi, you can also find many representations of her different aspects, including Lakshmi and Vishnu, Krishna and Radha, Sita and Ram, the Tridevi, and the Trimurti with the Tridevi. Also widely available are icons of Ganesh and Kubera individually, as well as Lakshmi and Ganesh together. Another classic image is Lakshmi with Ganesh and Saraswati.