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Lakshmi: A Goddess Grows in Queens

Take this digital tour to learn about how Lakshmi is honored around the world, and in Queens!

What You Will Find Inside

(You can click on the titles below)


Part One

Meet Goddess Lakshmi

Find out about the history of a beloved ancient goddess.


Part Two

How She Is Worshipped

See the different ways Lakshmi is celebrated.


Part Three

A Universal Goddess in Queens

Learn Lakshmi's connection to religious freedom and diversity in Queens.


Part Four

Sacred Sightings & Shopping in Queens

Uncover her special blessings and become aware of local customs.


Part Five

Lakshmi In & Outside of Mandirs 

Discover some of the places she is worshipped.


Part Six

Explore her presence in Queens neighborhoods and do some sacred shopping.

Part Seven
Eco-Friendly Water Worship in Queens

Hear the different ways local citizens are adapting Hindu worship in eco-friendly ways.


Part Eight
How to Invite Lakshmi to Your Home

Enjoy these homegrown ways to connect to Lakshmi on your own.

  1. Discover Lakshmi's Symbols
  2. Clean Your Space
  3. Create a Daily Spiritual Practice
  4. Bring Home Her Image or Statue
  5. Build Lakshmi Altar or Shrine
  6. Learn All You Can About Her
  7. Go on a Local Lakshmi Pilgrimage
  8. Meditate with the Goddess


Final Thoughts

Ideas: Future Digital Humanities Projects

Pondering ideas for future expansion of the Lakshmi Exhibit


Worth a Trip Across the Bridge
The Ancestor statue brings Hindu goddess energy to Manhattan


Thank You

Digital Sources and Thank You

Sources used in this exhibit and gratitude for photo and research access at site visits.


Parting Prayer

A prayer of gratitude to Lakshmi

Rev. Laurie Sue Brockway is the author of 25 books.